Notes on AntifaWatch Groups

  • This is not a definitive list and can be improved. Please email/contact us if we are missing a group (include a reference).
  • Criteria for listing was extremist Anarchist/Communist organizing (direct action, militia training, generation or distribution of extremist material, direct riot support). Groups like PSL/DSA were ignored as they are largely irrelevant.
  • Some of these groups are inactive, the criteria was active within last 5 years
  • Locations are general and mean to show general city/state location and not to indicate any sort of group 'HQ', which only exist in rare cases (eg. The Base)
  • We pulled this information from Social Media pages (Instagram/Twitter/Kolektiva/, blogs (Blackblogs/Noblogs), Riseup Mailing lists, and shared reportbacks/statements that list groups
  • Logos are pulled directly from groups, with default Antifaschistische Aktion red/black flag provided for those without one. The exception to this was for groups operating as 'chapters' like YLF, JBGC, SRA, those icons defaulted to the general group icons if one wasn't found.
  • Group size and frequency of activity is not documented here