9/28/2020 We're up to 4500 Reports, thanks for all the submissions. There's really no sign of anything slowing with these riots so we have to keep up the tracking. We couldn't really do it without all the support and info sent to us, so a big thank you to all who have sent in reports and tips to us. We also hit 10k Twitter Followers, big thanks. We receieved a number of requests for a specific list of those Federally Charged, so we added a tag for it and created a spreadsheet for it with links to reports and Federal Court documents. If we're missing anything, please send Email/Twitter DM so we can update it.

8/31/2020 Haven't had an update in a bit but we've been running strong, hitting 3500 reports as of today. There really is no sign of stopping especially in leftist stronghold areas (e.g. Portland/Seattle). We've also spiked from about 1,500 Twitter followers to 7,500 and 337K impressions to 2.26 Million, much of this thanks to helping expose the gross lies the media told about the Kyle Rittenhouse self defense shootings.
Additionally CanYouIDMe? is up to 170 Reports and we've made some identifications of those in Far Left militia groups. As we always point directly to Law Enforcement when submitting information they request we can't know how many have been identified on that front, however we've received info that several people have passed information about rioters identities found via CanYouIDMe? to Law Enforcement.
Thanks for the support!

8/7/2020 We've launched our CanYouIDMe? Feature today. Check it out!
The goal of this feature is identifying both those involved in far left criminality/violence and those involved in direct action with organizations with those aims.
For more information on CanYouIDMe? and the rewards please read the CYIM About page
We've also added a Infinite Scroll to our Browse as well as a Heatmap view.
We're getting tons of new reports, recently hitting 2900 reports as well as 1500 Twitter followers. Thank you!

7/28/2020 We've hit 1000 Twitter followers and 2600 Reports! Thank you! There is no sign of things slowing down. Thank you to those that have reported and sent tips.
A BIG thank you to the person who sent a sizeable Monero donation (Even as value is going up like crazy).
We've got some additional functionality we'll be adding to AntifaWatch in the near future, we'll release more information the sooner we get to release.

7/21/2020 Thank you to those that have requested criminal complaints and info from courts/states attorneys. In many cases even local media refuses to do this (either out of laziness or protecting rioters)
We've added tags to AntifaWatch! to include organizations, crimes, and other groupings of interest.
We were temporarily suspended and then unsuspended from Twitter, should we be banned we'll post on Gab and the work will continue, this will not stop us.

7/11/2020 We've officially open sourced our data! Feel free check it out and let us know if you have any issues
We've also just hit 2200 total reports within AntifaWatch. Thank you to all that have reported, donated crypto, or sent tips.

7/3/2020 We just hit 2000 Reports within AntifaWatch! Thank you to all those who have reported and spread the word. Our server upgrade went fine (apart from messing up iptables and locking ourselves out of SSH). We've drastically increased our daily user Facial recognition search as well as other daily limits. If there are any dead links (e.g. removed articles, 404 pages) please let us know. We've archived every source posted to AntifaWatch using and have that information saved in a JSON file.

6/29/2020 We've been busy! We've broken 1700 reports thanks to a user who managed to find an archive of 262 arrests from the Denver riots (The media tried to cover this up), 48 arrests from May 30th Portland Riots, and 54 arrests from Rhode Island riots and looting. We've added hyperlinks to sources within reports to make it easier to access references. We're planning on upgrading our server at the end of this week (Doubling CPU/RAM and switching to a SSD) which should allow us to remove or drastically increase compute daily limits (We don't anticipate any downtime).

6/25/2020 We've broken 1200 reports and they just keep coming in, Thank you! We've lowered facial recognition match thresholds (improving chances of finding persons of interest). A HUGE thank you for the XMR + ETH crypto donations, we'll be upgrading our server soon and getting rid of facial recognition daily limits. To those requesting a comment section, we would love to, however a tactic of the online left is to spam illegal content and then report the forum/website they want to take down. We don't have the man power to moderate and stop this. To solve this use Dissenter Browser with GAB for a hardened censorship free comment system on both AntifaWatch and the entire web. We've added a reference to the bottom of each report for this.

6/22/2020 We've seen a huge spike in traffic, jumping 30 fold in one day. Much of this may be thanks to completely exposing NPR's Hannah Allam journalistic lie, which sadly has gotten us blocked. But we've seen growth from elsewhere. Servers are handling it pretty well. Thanks to all the messages of support we've seen from the silent majority that refuses to accept the status quo of Mob violence in America.

6/18/2020 We broke the big 1000! AntifaWatch was started JUST 3 weeks ago and we're already so far. Thank you to all that have reported arrests, news stories and other information! We'll keep the work up as it looks like the Antifa riots show little sign of being over.

6/14/2020 We've broken 900 reports, hopefully we'll soon break the big 1000. We've been doing a bit of backend work on our Facial Recognition system and have improved it's accuracy (on our test set) to roughly 90%. We want to try different ML approaches to improve this but we're really happy with what we have so far. We've also been working on optimizing the backend to support the larger traffic load we've been seeing. Thank you for all the submissions (especially to whoever converted 40+ @MrAndyNgo tweets to AntifaWatch Reports!)

6/11/2020 We've implemented a facial recognition search on top of the AntifaWatch database! While this isn't a perfect model due to limitations, we see pretty good performance across our sample testing set. We hope to improve this with added compute, more reports, and a more optimized model for our dataset and the specific constraints that accompany it.
Try it out

6/10/2020 We broke 800 reports yesterday. No sign of anything stopping. We also added a FAQ for some of the questions we're getting. We will be adding questions and answers to it as we get them. Thanks for all the reports!

6/8/2020 We're nearing 700 reports. Getting tons of good reports. There's so much to log please check your local news, jail records, social media! Please also remember to have specific references to news articles, tweets, screenshots etc sent in with your reports to get them approved. Thanks you!

6/7/2020 We've seen a massive spike in reports and traffic Breaking 500 total reports yesterday. Thank you to those that have submitted. What we're doing is working. Please keep up the pressure during this time of heightened Antifa activity by sharing this website and keeping the reports coming.

6/5/2020 - Minor issues with hosting (Probably 5 minutes of downtime). But we're going strong. Tons of reports of Antifa violence from across the country. Keep em coming. See a local news story of an arrest of an Antifa rioter? Report it!

6/1/2020 - We're Live! There's tons to track and get into AntifaWatch. Please help out by checking your local arrest records, news, and social media for Antifa involved in the riots. If you have a larger list please email it in CSV format and we can programmatically insert all of the data. (What we did for 200+ inauguration Antifa Rioters)