Frequently Asked Questions

We're going to add to this as they're asked.

Q : Are multiple reports on the same subject allowed?
A : Yes, please try to add additional information that's lacking in previous reports though.

Q : Why does my report not show up?
A : All reports must be approved by moderators, they may not have seen it yet, or the report lacked enough supporting information and evidence to be approved. It also may have not met our guidelines as listed in the Report section.

Q : I can't submit my report ?
A : Make sure you've filled out the required fields (Name, State, and Pictures).
Also make sure you're not submitting more than 2MB of image data, if the upload is too big it may push you to a blank white page. Use to compress images.
If you've made a bunch of reports in one day you may have hit our dynamic spam filter. Send us an email and we can permanently whitelist you (or just save reports for the next day).

Q : How do I take a screenshot?
A :

Q : Is AntifaWatch associated with any groups or organizations?
A : Nope. Just a couple of normal people who don't want our country handed over to anarchists, communists, and looters.
In addition we've built this with no outside funding.

Q : Is AntifaWatch government or law enforcement associated?
A : Nope.

Q : There's incorrect information in a AntifaWatch report, can you fix it?
A : Okay. It happens with user submitted information from news articles.
Send us the link to the report as well as a information and sources to support the correction.

Q : I want to support but you don't list the crypto I use?
A : Send us an email. We'll make arrangements. If you'd prefer not to email, you can always use a exchange service and forward that to us (changelly/morphtoken/etc).

Q : Can I hotlink AntifaWatch images?
A : Yes (for now). We're doing good in terms of caching/bandwith. However if this were to change we may disable hotlinking.

Q : Is this website US only? Will you add other countries?
A : Yes US only. We do understand Antifa is global, however many countries have completely arbitrary partisan speech/press laws. We're going to stay US focused for now.

Q : How far back are we allowed to send in information on individuals?
A : No real limit. As long as they're not long dead people and there is reasonable documented proof that can go with the report (harder to find with long past incidents).

Q : Can you remove a specific report from AntifaWatch?
A : Yes we can remove specific reports from AntifaWatch if the information is incorrect. We have removed reports based on new information.

Q : Can I pay you to remove a report from AntifaWatch?
A : No you can't pay to have one removed (that would be extortion, moreover we didn't make this project to make money). If the information is clearly correct, meets AntifaWatch Criteria, and is well sourced then the report isn't going anywhere.

Q : This person/report isn't Antifa why are they on here ?
A : As clearly stated twice on our Twitter, twice on our Gab, twice on our Home page, twice on our About page, and several more times in the FAQ we track associated persons as well as direct members. We define Associated quite clearly in AntifaWatch Criteria. In addition our legal section clearly states :
"A Report on AntifaWatch is in no way shape or form an accusation of ones involvement in Antifa, terrorism, or terroristic groups. It simply means that based on the best available information the Report in question has met one or more of the criteria listed in AntifaWatch Criteria."
If you feel the report in question does not meet AntifaWatch Criteria feel free to email.

Q : Why track associated persons when its not clear if they are part of an Antifa cell?
A : Firstly, when arrested it's unlikely they will admit to being part of a cell.
Secondly Antifa operates with no organization (as an "ideology") or in what can best be described as a Clandestine cell system. This means they are close to totally decentralized making them hard to track, by tracking associated persons means you can potentially link cells and group activity to one another.
Thirdly people who attend violent demonstrations with Antifa while not "technically" being Antifa are still helping the same cause and supporting said violent groups by acting as a buffer and making it more difficult to arrest the violent elements.