Documenting Antifa and the Extremist left since 2020.

AntifaWatch was launched in May of 2020 in response to the nationwide riots that left 20+ people dead and $2 billion in damage. This project exists to document and track Antifa and the Extremist Left through a variety of methods. Antifa is a loosely organized group of anarchists and communists that was Identified by the DoJ as involved in domestic terrorism. They are dedicated to the destruction of the American nation through violence.

Originally our goal was to track arrests and court cases, however we've expanded to tracking groups, archiving data, social media analysis, and news reporting. To do this tracking this website uses public photos, social media, arrest records, court documents and other legal means. We exist as an Extremist tracking and anti-violence resource. For more information see About.

Our website is accessible at, and as a hidden service using Tor at antifaw26xsfwrt57feclcdzw4pkkn5wca2scrhrkltykabecpykndid.onion which can be referenced using AntifaWatch.eth/ (If you use the MetaMask extension with Brave or Tor Browser)