First Name : Kyler

Last Name : Weiss

Approx. Age : 22

State : Florida

Tags : Assault   Weapons  


Kyler Talon Ian Weiss, Aka 404, Aka Era404 (DOB: 03/15/20) flies red and black flags on his Twitter header indicating he's an anarchist. He’s also admitted to being an anarchist in several Tweets and he likes to re-Tweet far-left Tweets. He claims to be a pianist, former drug addict, enby (non-binary) and pansexual who f**ks cookware. The claim to be a former addict is in doubt as he recently (2022) ordered a bong online. He has some fairly serious priors including one for battery. Disturbingly, some of his songs are violent including "Chip off the Old Glock", "Hollow Points" and "Watch Me Bleed". He’s also been charged with theft of auto parts, carrying a concealed weapon, contempt violation of a pretrial release order and failure to attend a court docket. He has nimble fingers and was arrested for grand theft pickpocket $20K - $100K. I guess he lifted an expensive watch off some tourist. Does his probation officer know he's buying bongs? Kyler made the mistake of giving out his first name on Twitter. We were able to find his Era404 SoundCloud account and one of the songs he wrote was by Kyler Weiss, thus linking the anarchist Twitter account to him. Also, a known mugshot of Weiss matches images on Era404’s Twitter account. (See images) Weiss’ Twitter account claims he lives in Arkansas, but people finder services report he lives in Florida. His arrests have all been in Florida so we’re going with Florida as his residence. He lives in an apartment in a dumpy part of Merritt Island, a town that can best be described as hurricane bait, on Florida’s east coast.

Posted By : Anonymous in August 2022
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