First Name : Aren

Last Name : Burthwick

Approx. Age : 41

State : MI


Full name: Aren Bernard Burthwick. DOB: 4/25/80. He's a member of the radical environmentalist group Earth Liberation Front (ELF). He was convicted of charges related to the 1999 arson of a Michigan State University GMO lab. It took nearly a decade for the ATF to solve the case. The break came when one of his compatriots threw incriminating evidence in a dumpster which was found by a homeless dumpster diver who turned the evidence over to the Feds in exchange for a bottle of vodka (not really on the vodka part). He was sentenced for aiding a cover-up and for not reporting the arson. Burthwick cooperated with authorities, testifying against one of his friends and received 14 months in prison which was much shorter than the 20+ years the leader of the gang received. He was arrested in June 2020 in a Eugene, OR suburb for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, two charges that are often associated with rioting (or it could have been a gaybar-room brawl). At the time of his indictment he was living in Detroit but he appears to have moved to Michigan's upper peninsula. Because he's a snitch, the left now hates Burthwick and he's made at least one "official" snitch list (see webarchive link).

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