First Name : Laruen

Last Name : Weiner

Approx. Age : 36

State : VT

Tags : East Coast Network  


Weiner is an eco-terrorist who pre-dates Antifa but engaged in even more extreme tactics. She was arrested in 2006 along with her buddies Eric McDavid and Zachary Jenson as a result of infamous eco-terrorist FBI informant "Anna". Weiner and her buds were attempting to make explosive devices to bomb targets on the West Coast including a dam and U.S. Forest Service office. Weiner turned states witness and snitched on her friends in exchange for leniency which alienated her from her leftist comrades. Weiner attended art school at prestigious Skidmore (Skid Marks?) College but dropped out. She's quite skilled in pottery and various other art forms. According to her now eco-terrorist enemies, she is outspoken and often lies or engages in hyperbolic speech to impress those around her. She's still active in the eco-terrorist scene; stories have surfaced about her attempting to attend fundraisers for "Green Scare" defendants after her release on bond. She has been interacting with the local arts scene and with a music venue, the Radio Bean. Weiner is short and described as "heavy set". She now lives in Burlington, VT where she works as a pastry chef and operates her own "micro-bakery".. Her age is approximate. The posted picture is 15+ years old.

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