First Name : Clark

Last Name : Richman

Approx. Age : 53

State : Idaho

Tags : Arson   Assaulting Police   Assault  


Clark Edward Richman (DOB: 09/01/69) is a licensed counselor who walked onto an Idaho gun range wearing a MAGA-like hat that read “MAGGOTS” and an AOC t-shirt in April 2023. Richman stated that he wanted to learn how to use pistols, “to shoot racist Trump-er fuckers. We have to be ready when the enemy comes.” He also said he couldn’t wait to give transphobic people the death penalty. The range officer, a former NYPD police Lieutenant, told Richman to leave. Police investigated Richman and found he believed white nationalists were out to get him and that he texted “Operation Elimination will commence in 2024.” For some reason the Cour d’Alene police department determined he wasn’t a threat, and he doesn’t appear to have been arrested. Richman spent time in a mental hospital in 2013 for bi-polar disorder. He’s a felon with convictions for aggravated assault and arson. He also has charges for assault and battery on a police officer, theft and taking a motor vehicle without permission. He set a trailer on fire after he was released from the mental hospital and then assaulted the arresting officer. It’s amazing that a mentally ill, convicted felon can work as a counselor in Idaho. Richman lives in an apartment in a subdivided house in Cour d’Alene. His next-door neighbor flies an American flag and a Don’t Tread on me flag which must drive Richman nuts.

Posted By : Anonymous in July 2023
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