First Name : Nadia

Last Name : Khan

Approx. Age : 33

State : CA

Tags : Leadership  


Khan was arrested at a violent George Floyd riot in Los Angeles and later filed suit against the LAPD. She gave a bizarre rant against "gun violence" at a National Walk Out Day event at Santa Monica City Hall in 2018. She lead a seminar on police surveillance for a group of illegal alien teens in 2018. Khan is an organizer for the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition and a radical gun control advocate. Her coalition works to defund police surveillance and was initially funded by a Soros Justice Fellowship ( Khan's full-time job is as a high school teacher. She self-identifies as, "Queer, Femme, Multiracial." No doubt the imams have issued a jihad on her fatwa. Khan is the daughter of Hamid Khan, a former UPS pilot, who's a Campaign Coordinator for Stop LAPD Spying and a South Asian advocate originally from Pakistan. Nadia Khan's age is a guess based on comments by her father. (p. 16)

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