First Name : Robert

Last Name : Roys

Approx. Age : 38

State : Maryland

Tags : Leadership   Socialist Rifle Assocation   Maryland SRA  


Robert "Rob" Joseph Roys (DOB: 11/22/84) is a member of the Maryland Socialist Rifle Association steering committee and a state licensed firearms trainer. He's organized an SRA BBQ (presumably Vegan!) and taught a first aid course. He's also helped recruit SRA members in Washington, D.C. In 2020 he helped organize BLM protests in Westminster which appear to have been mostly peaceful. Hilariously, parents at the protest complained that someone in a vehicle mooned them while their children were present. These parents are probably taking the kiddos to "all ages" drag shows but are offended by patriot ass. Roys was interviewed at the Maryland SRA's firing range near La Plata and said he favors Soviet Bloc weaponry and owns a Romanian SPL and three Mosin-Nagants. He's trained as a mechanic but works as a wedding photographer and owns A Flash Away photography. He founded a group called Red Star Community Preparedness in 2022 which sounds like some sort of militia group. Roys lives with his wife in a duplex in Westminster, in the rural northern part of Maryland. He's probably named after the Scottish bandit Rob Roy which is appropriate for a socialist.

Posted By : Anonymous in July 2023
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