First Name : Brianne

Last Name : Chapman

Approx. Age : 38

State : Virginia



Brianne Marie Chapman, aka “Anarchy Princess”, (born Jun. ’85) is an anarchist and an unhinged loon who harasses conservatives and is in a social media war with several semi-prominent social media personalities. She even has her own parody account. Despite the fact she's a stalker, she tried to get a stalking order against the guy who runs the conservative Oreo Express account on YT. Chapman traveled to Florida to harass people at Trump's indictment. She's seen on video destroying Capitol riot martyr Ashli Babbit's birthday memorial outside the Capitol building. She said, "F**k Ashli Babbitt" and called her a bitch. She allegedly works as a prostitute at times, but she doesn't have any arrest records for dealing P. Her children were allegedly removed from her custody. Chapman describes herself as a woke witch. When she works, it's as a waitress. She claims to live in DC but we're fairly certain she lives in a dumpy looking apartment complex in Fredericksburg.

Posted By : Anonymous in September 2023
Is this report missing info? Has there been an update? Please submit any additional info (Social media, arrests, articles, etc).
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