First Name : Jake

Last Name : Conroy

Approx. Age : 45

State : NJ

Tags : Federally Charged  


Conroy is a domestic terrorist and animal rights activist who was involved in Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC) group that campaigned in the early 2000s against Huntington pharmaceutical company. He's at least a 2nd generation activist as his mother was a protester/rioter against the Vietnam war. One of his first "actions" was harassment of Native Americans who were legally participating in a traditional whale hunt. Conroy was arrested for obstructing the natives' boat. SHAC coordinated illegal protest activities against Huntington and companies such as Marsh Insurance that provided services to Huntington. SHAC members vandalized executives' homes, threatened their families and engaged in stalking behavior. Conroy was charged with numerous Federal crimes including: conspiracy to commit interstate stalking, conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act and Conspiracy to use a telecomm device to abuse, threaten and harass. Conroy was a technical expert who designed and maintained SHAC's websites and lived in SHAC's headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey. He received a four year sentence for his involvement with the group's illegal activities. Conroy is from New Jersey and probably lives there now.

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