First Name : James

Last Name : Chambers

Approx. Age : 38

State : Massachusetts

TWITTER : @jccfergie
Tags : Defend the Atlanta Forest  


James "Jim" Cox Chambers, Jr. aka "Fergie" (born Jan. '85) is a communist and an heir to the Cox Communications fortune. He said his family's support for the Cop City complex in Atlanta forced him to cut ties with his family (but kept the $$$). Chambers claims his personal net worth is hundreds of millions of dollars. His family is from Atlanta and his father owns the Atlanta Hawks. Chambers seems to want to use his wealth to support communism in the U.S. He writes, "I'm building a network of comrades who can help me be accountable to the socialized allocation of this capital, so as to assist in a long-term strategy of building internationalism and building strong cadre in the North Atlantic." He's probably one of the people funding Atlanta area bail funds. Chambers is General Secretary of the Berkshire Communists. His most notable physical feature are the large number of tattoos he has including an ACAB tat on his neck, a modified hammer & sickle on his left hand and Chambers lives in a fairly modest home for a millionaire near Alford in the Berkshires. Claims to live in New Hampshire where his AR style weapon is legal, and also for tax reasons. Claims to have another Communist "People's Gym" somewhere in New Hampshire and is centering his operations in that state. Chambers self admits in media interviews to serious mental health issues and an attempted suicide. He also mentions having committed domestic battery against his former wife. These admissions should disqualify him from owning or purchasing firearms. Extensive background information through online posting (X), media interviews ( Owns and operates a Communist "Training Center" in Alford Massachusetts for physical fitness, martial arts, and allegedly firearms instruction. The training facility is called the "People's Gym" . Subject reports that he actually resides in New Hampshire where AR type firearms are legal, where he has established another "People's Gym" training facility. New Hampshire specifics are unknown and appear to be closely guarded and OSINT searching turned up no connections. Chambers is a multi-millionaire trust fund kid who is estranged from the source of his wealth, the COX media empire in Atlanta. He is funding left wing activities through at least 2 LLC's . Cloud Kingdom and Cloud Kingdom 2020 as well as something called the Babochki Collective. Chambers has made some implied threats against white Americans that were quoted in the Berkshire Eagle interview; "We need to make all of wyt america” — as in, white America — “afraid that everything they have stolen is going to be burned to the ground. That’s what makes them listen.” Chambers has established another of his "People's Gyms" for weapons and martial arts training at Old Etna Rd, Lebanon, NH as profiled on Instagram; This appears to be an industrial park location on the north side of this small city. Chambers has previously intimated that he lives on a mountain in NH, though specifics of this are still unknown. The selection of this part of New Hampshire makes sense since the area hosts Dartmouth College and has been a hotbed of ANTIFA organizing and related left wing activity for many years. He has converted to Islam. He is currently based in Tunisia. FB post states, "I have since had many Muslim strangers (as I’m currently based in North Africa)." FB and Twitter profiles state "Tunis" as a location. Online property records suggest he lived at 109 Eastman Hill Road, Lebanon, NH 03766 then moved to 40 Follensbee Road, Enfield, NH 03748. Both properties have since been sold. If they were in fact owned by him, judging by the date of the most recent sale, it is likely because of his move to Tunisia. His gym in Alford has been ordered to stop operation. According to an 11/9/23 Facebook post, he started the Babochki Collective for funding, propaganda and political education, etc He was ordered to shut down the People's Gym in Alford, MA. The status of the Berkshire communists is unclear at this time.

Posted By : Anonymous in July 2023
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