First Name : Jacob

Last Name : Ferguson

Approx. Age : 49

State : OR


Jacob "Jake" Jeremiah Ferguson, AKA "Donut", AKA "Patch" (DOB: 07/07/72) is an eco-terrorist who set fire to the US Forest Service Ranger Station in Detroit, Oregon and a government pickup in 1996. He admitted to 15 other acts of sabotage as well. Ferguson even took his son to one of his arsons to act as a decoy! He began cooperating with authorities in the early 2000s and was PAID $50K for his work and given four years probation for his crimes. He snitched on eco-terrorists Daniel McGowan, Jonathan Paul, Joyanna Zacher and Nathan Block who were all sentenced to 5+ years in the pen. Ferguson tested positive for opiates in 2011, a probation violation, and was then arrested on state charges for manufacture, delivery and possession of heroin, cocaine, methadone, and others as well as child neglect and child endangerment. He received 22 months in prison for these crimes. After he got out, the FBI allegedly set him up in a condo in Eugene. He appears to have acquired enough $$ from his drug business to buy a decent house in Eugene. Ferguson was an associate of Jen Kolar, Kendell Tankersley (with whom he was romantically involved), Stan Meyerhoff and Bill Rogers who offed himself while awaiting trial. Somewhat ironically, at the time of his crimes, Ferguson worked summers as a forest firefighter. He was also an amateur mechanic and played in a heavy metal band called Eat S**t F**kface. A Rolling Stone article describes Ferguson as "handsome and tall" and a trophy f**k for eco-hippy girls. (If he's handsome by radical standards, I'm going to meet some Antifa chicks and get some p***y! Ferguson has a large pentagram tat on his skull. Unsurprisingly, he's a heroin and meth addict. The photo is about 10 years old.

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