Maryland Antifa rioter gets 15 days for assaulting multiple DC police officers

In the same district where right wing demonstrators have received years for the same offense, Michael Patschak gets just 15 days for attacking multiple DC police officers and stealing a bodycam during a December 2020 Antifa riot

On March 10th 2023 Maryland Antifa member Michael Patschak was sentenced to just 15 days for his actions at a December 2020 Antifa riot. Patschak was found guilty at trial November 10th 2022 of two counts of assaulting a police officer and one count of robbery.

Patschak attended a number of protests and riots during the Summer of 2020. At some demonstrations he would ride a one-wheel electric skateboard and pickup trash dressed in clothing with 'black lives matter' on it. He posted several videos on youtube of this where you can see a variety of Antifa and anarchist symbols.

At a demonstration at 'Black Lives Matter Plaza' in front of the White House on 16th Street NW in DC on December 12th Patschak made a de-arrest attempt while police were arresting several violent Antifa. During the de-arrest attempt he fought with an officer and stole a bodyworn camera. He took the camera and fled, but instead of leaving the event he returned to flip off officers, he was quickly spotted out by MPD officers and arrested. During the arrest Patschak resisted, punching an officer in the head several times.

His overall maximum sentence was 24 months (33 if sentenced consecutively), however all but 15 days is suspended. A suspended sentence is when a Judge defers imposition of a sentence to allow for non-prison probation period, so long as the person does not break the law again. The use of suspended sentences was a very common approach to violent left wing extremist cases over the course of 2020, in one of the most extreme cases Victor Miles II got a 90-day suspended sentence for smashing in car's window, shattering glass on a 1 year old child. Patschak additionally has $200 in fines to pay and 1 year probation as well.

Patschak previously interacted frequently with several prominent Antifa/leftist accounts including Molly Conger whose tweets he hoped to use in his criminal defense. His recent twitter activity, on the account @WobblinGoblin17 shows not much change in ideology or activism where he interacts with violent extremists such as Edward 'Emily' Gorcenski.

The case stands out as yet another example of a two tier justice system, as it is in the same district as the January 6th cases, where individuals with similar charges to Patschak's are sentenced to years in federal prison. Additionally, in the press release from the hyper political DC USAO they make no mention of his clear left wing ideology, something they explicitly do with right wing defendants.