Left wing group allegedly attacks police for 'diversity programs'

In response to planned cuts to diversity programs at Florida Universities from Ron Desantis, a left wing group at University of South Florida held a demonstration that turned violent.

At a protest organized by Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society four people were arrested for felony assault on a police officer. The protest itself was at University of South Florida (USF) over Gov. DeSantis's proposal to ban diversity programs at state funded colleges and universities. The proposal has been fervently attacked by left wing groups, as DEI is at the core of their ideology.

Over the course of the event, police told the group to leave after disrupting the university with amplified sound devices. After refusing to leave, police attempted to escort the demonstrators out, when they refused, four allegedly assaulted officers during a struggle.

Those arrested were USF students Gia Davila and Sean "Jeanie Kida" Williams, USF Alumni Jeanie Kida, and USF employee Chrisley Carpio. All were charged with resisting, disruption of an educational institution, and felony battery of a law enforcement officer and booked into Hillsborough County jail. Davila was additionally charged with trespassing. Bail was raised for those arrested using Twitter through Tallahassee Community Action Committee and other leftist organizations. All are currently free on bail.

As with many other cases of left wing extremist violence, it's not clear how much the charges will be prosecuted. However it is worth mentioning that the far left 13th Judicial District State Attorney Andrew Warren was removed in August of 2022 after stating he would not to enforce Florida’s new abortion law.

The group is chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. Which is the 2006 re-founding of the well known 60s organization that was dissolved in 1974. It's grown to some degree at Florida Universities and has connections with a variety of anarcho-communist extremist groups in the area.