First Name : Andy

Last Name : Zee

State : California

Twitter : (Inactive)
Tags : Leadership   Occupy  


He's the co-founder and a national organizer for Refuse Fascism. He's basically the mouthpiece of Bob Avakian's Revolutionary Communist Party, a group that seriously wants to start a revolution. Zee is extremely active in promoting the commie cause and has given hundreds of interviews. He was involved with the Occupy movement in the early 2010s. He's been hosting the Revcoms "Revolution, Nothing Less" YT show for a few years. Zee gave a talk at Revolution Books NYC on "Why This is a Rare Time When Real Revolution Becomes Possible" in 2021. Zee is a sharp dressed man. In recent year's he's taken to wearing a jaunty hat that matches his clothing. He gives his YT podcast from L.A. so that's where I assume he lives although the Revcoms are based in NYC. (His show and other commie crap)

Posted By : Anonymous in August 2022
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