First Name : Eric

Last Name : McDavid

Approx. Age : 43

State : WA


McDavid is an eco-terrorist and Earth Liberation Front (ELF) member who was convicted in 2007 of conspiring with fellow radicals to blow up a dam, cellphone towers, and a US Forest Service lab. The group considered civilian casualties to be collateral damage. He's even notorious enough to have his on Wikipedia page! McDavid was one of the people informed on by legendary FBI eco-snitch "Anna". Apparently, McDavid had the hots for then teen-aged Anna and they exchanged messages about their "kinks". He was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison but his conviction was overturned after prosecutors admitted they failed to turn over thousands of documents to the defense. McDavid went on a hunger strike in prison because the facility refused to serve him vegan food. McDavid lived in northern California at the time of his arrests but now lives in the Seattle area. He may work for Media Island International, a sort of leftist think-tank focused on "Racial Justice and Equity and Inclusion". .

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