First Name : Kari

Last Name : Koch

Approx. Age : 40

State : OR

Twitter :,
Youtube :
Tags : Portland Antifa   Leadership   Occupy  


Full name Kari Suzan Koch. Kari Koch is a communicator and organizer with We Are Oregon and a City of Portland employee. She was arrested at the Portland N17 Occupy riot in November 2011 where she was a spokesperson for the event. Koch was charged with criminal trespassing but the charges were dismissed. She has been active in social justice movements for more than a decade in Portland, working on housing justice, Latin America solidarity and climate justice. Koch appears to be one of the founders of Rise Communications, LLC, a group that develops communications strategies for movement building with unions & organizations around the Pacific Northwest. In September 2020, she claims Portland riot police threatened her while she was in her yard in the Mill Park neighborhood in Portland. She claims to have a "brown" partner. DOB: 12/15/80

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